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In the past couple of decades, wireless communication technology has grown from an expensive personal luxury to an essential tool for virtually every kind of business. CardinalWirelessINC. has made wireless work for everything from warehousing operations to construction teams to the most sophisticated healthcare facilities. We're ready to help you find the right Wireless For Work solutions, right now. We offer:

Call Boxes Lightning Detectors

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Cellular Signal Amplification

If you can't receive a strong cellular signal in your building, you simply can't communicate effectively. We can help! Amplifiers from Wilson Electronics will work with all cell phones and laptop data cards to increase your cellular signal strength 10 to 15 times! Wilson signal amplifiers have been tested as among the best in the industry, and they're extremely cost-effective as well. Don't settle for a weak signal any longer — let Cardinal Wireless recommend the right turnkey solution for you today.